Assessing and Managing Exposures to Risk
Underwriting is the process of assessing risk and ensuring that the cost of coverage is proportionate to that risk. When developing premium rates, each school district requires consideration and analysis as unique as the district itself. By accurately evaluating both new submissions and renewing members, our Underwriting Team ensures the long-term stability of the USIP program. Our property and casualty underwriters strive to build a successful program where its members receive broad levels of coverage, while enjoying competitive rates.

Setting Us Apart
A critical component to delivering this level of service is identifying districts that share a similar vision for managing loss. By following the foundational principles that have made Clear Risk Solutions successful for over 30 years, our Underwriting team quotes, binds, and issues policies and Memorandums of Coverage (MOC) focused on providing USIP members with comprehensive solutions and coverages.

Our underwriters have the expertise to accurately assess risk and provide reliable outcomes. We continually review our systems and processes, ensuring we provide timely results while never forfeiting on quality or excellence in customer service. Furthermore, the strong relationships we have with our highly rated excess and reinsurance carriers allow us to negotiate the best terms for the members we serve.

Our Services
Our team produces the following items during the underwriting process:

• Quotations
• Policies
• Memorandums of Coverage
• Statements of Values
• Certificates of Coverage
• Additional Insured/Loss Payee Endorsements
• Endorsements for Additions, Deletions, Corrections, or Cancellations
• Annual Renewal Materials (Applications, Binding Documents, and Invoices)